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Health Benefits of Kudzu

Kudzu is a unique source of the isoflavone puerarin. Kudzu root compounds can affect neurotransmitters. […]

Burn natural remedies

One of the most ordinary organic burn treatments is probably Aloe. Many of us still use it today and it does work rather well. The burned areaƂ is just simply covered with the juice from the Aloe Vera plant. […]

Diarrhea Folk Remedies

Diarrhea is actually a organic defense mechanism. It is a way for your body to release toxins or other harmful things from your system. In the past, before this was understood, doctors usually prescribed antidiarrheal drug, but today they would recommend that you let it run its course organicly. […]


Leaf and dried fruit used in occasional constipation as a stimulant laxative. Laxative effect of senna is due to the sennosides, specifically, due to their active metabolite in the colon, rheinanthrone. The effect is primarily caused by the influence on the motility of the colon by inhibiting stationary and stimulating propulsive contractions. […]