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The name passion flower, from the Latin passiflora, comes from the symbolic relationship between the anatomical and numerical arrangement of the flowers and the elements of the crucifixion, the passion of Jesus Christ.

passion flower teaThe finely cut corona in the center of the blossom resembles the crown of thorns; the petals and sepals symbolize the Apostles.
When smoked, a very mild, short-lasting marijuana-like high occurs. Passion flower usually smoked in combination with damiana, scullcap, and spearmint or peppermint (for flavor).
It acts as both a sedative and a tranquillizer. In larger quantities, it acts more like a hallucinogen.

Passion Flower was formerly approved as an OTC sedative in the USA, but it was taken off the market in because safety and effectiveness had not been proven.
The passion flower drug is used in homoeopathic medicine for epilepsy.
The herb exhibits a motility-inhibiting effect in animal experiments.
Passion Flower, used as an adjunct to clonidine, was superior to clonidine for mental symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Passion flower makes an excellent tea to get rid of headaches and insomnia.

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